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Casting a love spell that works is an art. You can’t just pick up a book or watch a youtube video and do it yourself. Most of the good knowledge is passed down from generation to generation and is not published. This keeps the power of a love spell that works sacred.

The intention of every love spell is different. Some love spells cause physical and emotional attraction while others bring out deep feelings of love. There are even spells to bring out a crazy kind of love called obsession. This is to be used carefully because the crazy kind of love can also turn bad if one party loses interest. Picking the right love spell is best discussed with a witchcraft practitioner who has extensive experience in the art of witchcraft. They can help you pick the right spell based on your situation with the person whom you would like to have the love spell cast on.

Binding spells are also in the category of love. When you think of the word binding it also can mean tie up. Adding the element of binding into a love spell can represent permanent emotional attachment that can not be broken by anyone else. This helps in cases where infidelity has occurred and does not want repeated. A binding love spell can help two people reunite and get back together while also setting them up to stay together in the future and grow together.

Many people think that love spells work right away and that is not always the case. The energy of the universe can take some time to manifest itself into the results that lead to a love spell working. It is important to have emotional independence when using the power of a love spell to bring an ex back. Balance in all aspect of our lives brings us to our best selves which leads to better relationships and overall happiness. Emotional imbalance can push people away unintentionally causing the end to an era too soon.

Yoga and meditation bring more emotional and physical balance into our lives which leads to positive energy flowing through our chakras. A love spell can help rejuvenate a heart chakra that leads to forgiveness and emotional healing. Having a healthy mind, body and soul will eliminate the need for a love spell to step in and help but when we do need a love spell they are there for our guidance.

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